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Press releases are the gold standard for obtaining your company into the limelight. We charge $100 for press release distribution.

Cryptomaafia broadcasts news on crypocurrencies, crypto products, reviews, cryptocurrency news, cryptocurrency jobs, crypto investing, cryptocurrency apps and more on cryptocurrency niche. If you would like to submit your new product, service, or further industry news, please mail us your press releases. If the press release meets the editorial benchmarks you will be notified once it is published.

We can also help you compose an amazing press release for $299.

With CryptoMaafia, your press release will:

• Reach thousands of potential audiences

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• SEO Friendly (do-follow links allowed)

• Featured image or logo (optional)

• Multiple pictures inside PR are authorized (extra $35)

• YouTube embed links are permitted (extra $25)

• PDF/PowerPoint attachments are permitted (extra $25)

Please send the press release to [email protected]

Crypto Maafia will work to publish the press release as shortly as possible once the content has been checked and the payment is received. The content review may take up to 24 hours after receiving the payment.